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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to pack SD823 and 8GB RAM?

Samsung smartphones are getting more and more famous thanks to powerful hardware and beautiful designs. And their Note series is also not an exception. After Samsung Galaxy Note 5, people now are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 launch this year. It is predicted to sport a lot of top features for smartphones nowadays, but according to what we’ve heard so far, it can be even more than “gorgeous”.

Specifically, a recent source from China has hinted that the Note 6 will be run by Adreno 530 GPU and a new Qualcomm’s chipset called Snapdragon 823. This processor is said to be a “higher-clocked version of Snapdragon 820, running on four Kryo cores clocked at 2.6GHz.” And you know what, the chip can support up to 8GB of RAM. Amazing! It would be a real beast phone in 2016.

Apart from those details, no more words have been made for the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 specs. Anyhow, we hope to see a Quad HD display, Android N operating system, 128GB ROM (expandable up to 200GB), a fantastic camera combo, capability of being dust plus water resistant, and a huge battery (at least 4,000mAh) on board. Then, Galaxy Note 6 will be a perfect device, don’t you think?

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 price and availability

As for Samsung Galaxy Note 6 release date and price, we did not receive any information for them. Yet, the second half of the year is very likely to be the most ideal time. In case of being the first machine coming with 8GB RAM, the Galaxy Note 6 price would not be very affordable for sure. What’s your suggestion? Share with us! (Source)

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